Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Days!

A tribute to my friends at IIT KGP......

I remember, US
Getting mad during semester exams,
So much to complete and only a few hours to go
Repenting why we hadn't studied before.
Complaining that,
You had finished revising everything
And I hadn't even started...

Celebrating birthdays at twelve,
With birthday bumps, cakes and kurkure.
Putting icing on each other,
As though it was some moisturizer.
Talking nonsense and teasing each other
Laughing endlessly, making a roar
Until a neighbouring roomie complained...

Playing holi like 'junglees'
Drinking bhang and dancing to loud music.
Going to breakfast, lunch and dinner together.
Complaining about the food,
Or recommending the good dishes to each other.
Walking the 2.2 miles together
Hoping we would lose a kilo or two...

Watching movies together with chips-n-biscuits,
Talking and laughing so much,
That a horror movie became one big comedy.
Dressing up for the special occasions,
Borrowing clothes, jewellery, cosmetics.
Those innumerable photo sessions,
Trying to get that perfect photo for Orkut...

Having little fights when two of us stopped talking,
And the others locked us up in one room to get us going.
How we still argued and quarelled.
But then we saw a smile coming
And we burst out laughing!
The anger all melted away and everyone was rejoicing.
Oh! gone are those days...

Spending sleepless nights worried about placements,
Encouraging and being with each other
Through interviews and writtens.
Enjoying last Sem and having unlimited fun.
Until it was time to pack our bags,
And bid farewell one by one.
With tears and a heavy heart we parted...

I know, WE
Miss each other and that wonderful life!

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